Community, Life, and Writing — in Los Angeles, CA

As I write this blog, I am keenly aware that I’ve been meaning to write this for a couple of weeks, which means I’ve given into resistance (Read The War of Art). The writer must write. The actor act. The painter paint. The Youtuber — YouTube? 😉 Kara and Sharon remind us of this in […]

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Think Positive About Money, Honey!

Money. Finances. Job. Investing. Taboo things to talk about over the water cooler or at the dinner table, but this everyday, extraordinary woman tackles the topics head-on.

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My Journey to LOVE via Solo Theater

I have to tell you about JLJ! Jessica Lyn Johnson. If you’ve been in LA and had anything to do with solo theatre, then you’ve at least heard her name or seen it on a show postcard. She’s quite extraordinary but still that everyday woman you instantly want to be best friends with. She’ll inspire you, accept you, push you, and love you from the minute you walk into her class.

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